With over sixteen years as a wedding photographer, Amanda is an expert in her industry.  As an intuitive photographer, she allows her subjects to be their authentic selves, capturing effortless moments and genuine connections.

She values the deeper story & loves connecting with her clients over a bottle of red to understand them better.

Amanda is a member of the International Association of Art, IAA/AIAP, in partnership with UNESCO. 


"When I look through my lens, I don't just see.  I feel."
-Amanda Donaho

"The photographs I create for my couples outlast their own lifetime.

They are images that tell stories we won't be able to tell ourselves.

That realization will forever keep me grounded."

I love when my babies lean their head on me, mid playing a game.  Knowing they'll find comfort.
I love the feeling of all 5 of my senses alive & working well when I’m on foreign soil.
I love the soft breeze through an open window, curtains blowing, shadows dancing across the room.
I love being a reliable friend. The one people come to for advice or a hug.
I love late night deep conversations while curled up on the couch.
I love watching other people find what they’re passionate about & go do the damn thing.
I love art, and music & the sense of peace I have when I’m immersed in either.

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