Illuminare Retreat 2018

December 4, 2018

I’m known jokingly as “Life Coach Donaho” by some of my best friends.
Encouraging women to push past fear & guilt to pursue their passions is one of MY passions.
2018 was the year I decided to say “yes” to taking risks of my own.

I announced the Illuminare Retreat this last summer (You can read all about it HERE) & I was incredibly encouraged by the response.  I wanted to bring together a room of women with a similar purpose:  Excelling in life & in their creative small business.  I wanted us to spend the weekend together under the same roof in an intimate setting with a small group.  I knew that sharing meals together would lead to sharing our hearts.  I knew that sharing a bottle of red would lead to sharing our fears.  I knew that together, if they let themselves be vulnerable, through tears & through laughter they would walk away believing more in themselves.

And that, they did.

I was so incredibly proud of these women.  This particular group was full of photographers, event planners, and videographers.  I’m excited to see what women from which creative industries sign up for the next one!  …and that’s right, we’re already working hard on putting together the pieces for Illuminare 2.0!  Be sure to sign up for the newsletter (you’ll see the spot to do that HERE) to be the first to know when the dates are released & tickets go on sale!

A HUGE shoutout to the following people:
Kaleigh of Kaleigh Turner Creative (my right hand through every piece & our teacher on all things branding!)
Olivia Tew – The best cook in the land.  She absolutely SLAYED every meal, snack and dessert (oh, the desserts!)
Kristin Sweeting – So grateful to have her join us on Friday & Saturday to share her knowledge with the group!

Big thanks to all of the amazing sponsors!
Marti Heard Designs (those gorgeous centerpieces for our welcome dinner?!  She’s amazing.)
Photosphere Cincy (for keeping the party on Saturday extra fun!)

And for the following companies who donated items for swag bags & giveaway!
Teak & Twine
Design Aglow
Kaleigh Turner Creative
Lindsay Letters
Smart Slides
Smart Albums
Cultivate What Matters by Lara Casey
Artifact Uprising
The Mrs Box

To the women of the first ever Illuminare Retreat:
THANK YOU.  For being so giving, of both your souls & your encouragement.  For pushing down the walls I know some of you may have walked in with.  For taking a risk on this retreat.  For taking a risk on yourself.  And for promising to do more risking in 2019.  I could not be more proud of each of you.  #superwomanpose

…proof that we were a good time. 😉


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  1. Karen Collins

    December 4th, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    Lol i love that last photo. Thanks again Amanda!

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