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Here you can find some of our latest work, wedding advice, travel tips - and of course, gorgeous weddings. (Fun tip: If you're a bride or groom wedding planning, scroll to the bottom of each blog post to find the names of all of the vendors who helped make that day look beautiful!)  This is a great way to source your own wedding team!

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16 years ago this week, we said yes to an unknown forever. We signed up for a future which we knew nothing about except that we’d figure it out hand in hand. We were young. Naive. Broke. And madly in love. Life together has been an adventure, to say the least. Sometimes full of such […]

Marriage Monday, Personal & Business

September 18, 2018

This Is Us – 16 Years Later

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He mentioned to me regularly that he hated my phone.  In fact, on multiple occasions, he’d take it out of my hand and toss it across the room or hide it under a pillow.  I genuinely didn’t understand the issue.  I am a woman.  I can multi-task like no. ones. business.  I can absolutely hear […]

Marriage Monday

February 26, 2018

Marriage Monday: The enemy of engaging

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Two become one.  It’s the beauty of marriage.  Two lives become intertwined and begin operating from the same heartbeat. Except my heart doesn’t beat for sports. In my own marriage, I struggled the first few years to relate on, well – everything.  I couldn’t get interested in the football games he watched no matter how […]

Marriage Monday

January 22, 2018

Marriage Monday: Maintaining Your Sense of Self

Cincinnati wedding photographers Amanda Donaho Photography

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“We tend to judge others by their actions – and judge ourselves by our intentions.” I heard this line recently for the first time & it hit me like a ton of bricks.  The speaker was referencing how we relate to our fellow humans in general.  He (Brian Tome) gave the example of being at […]

Marriage Monday, Uncategorized

January 15, 2018

Marriage Monday: Judging by Actions or Intentions

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Let me set the scene for you.  It’s cold.  You know this if you’re local, reading this in Cincinnati – or really, anywhere in the country currently.  Bitterly cold.  I have been sick for the last few weeks & a new illness decided to hit this last week (because apparently I wasn’t feeling crappy enough […]

Marriage Monday

January 8, 2018

Marriage Monday: The Little Things are the Big Things

Cincinnati Wedding Photographers

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