This Is Us – 16 Years Later

September 18, 2018

16 years ago this week, we said yes to an unknown forever.
We signed up for a future which we knew nothing about
except that we’d figure it out hand in hand.

We were young.
And madly in love.

Life together has been an adventure, to say the least.
Sometimes full of such joy I can’t find the words to describe it.
Other times a seemingly inescapable dark tunnel.
But somehow….

We’ve managed to continue holding hands.
Relying on each other.
Facing the world knowing we aren’t doing it alone.
Finding strength in the one standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

We aren’t the same people that said “I do” 5,840 days ago.
So much about our lives, personalities, dreams, beliefs… has changed.
But my willingness to continue to walk into the unknown with you beside me hasn’t.
To 20,000 more days of twists & turns holding your hand.

(A special thank you to my brilliant associate photographer Amber for photographing this session for us.  We have not had a photo session of just the two of us in about 13 years.  This was so special for us, and I HIGHLY encourage other couples to do the same.  Just the two of you.  No kids.  And you don’t need to wait until a special occasion to do it like we did.)

To read more about Amber, view her portfolio, or inquire for information about her shooting your wedding or session, click HERE

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