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Photographing weddings makes me come alive.  Knowing the images I'm creating for you on that amazing day will not only grace the walls of your home, but your children's & grandchildren's too, gives me chills - even after 12 years of documenting wedding days.  When I'm not behind a camera, I'm snuggling my 4 (really adorable) children, being "expert" foodies with my bearded-mountain-man-esque husband, or dreaming up my next trip abroad (Italy has a solid chunk of my heart, for the record).
I can't wait to meet you & tell your love story with my camera.

Amber is one of the sweetest souls you'll meet, and we're lucky to have her as a part of our team. As a lead associate photographer, Amber gives our couples the same Amanda Donaho Photography experience we've become known for. She takes exceptional care of her brides & grooms, and is incredible at multi-tasking on a wedding day - making sure every need is taken care of, all the while creating beautiful images that stand the test of time. She and her husband Stephen met on Valentine's Day (does it get better than that?!) and love to travel together.

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