Marriage Monday: The Little Things are the Big Things

January 8, 2018

Let me set the scene for you.  It’s cold.  You know this if you’re local, reading this in Cincinnati – or really, anywhere in the country currently.  Bitterly cold.  I have been sick for the last few weeks & a new illness decided to hit this last week (because apparently I wasn’t feeling crappy enough already).  Hayden came home from work the day I felt the worst & offered to go back out (into previously mentioned bitter cold weather) to get wonton soup for me, which was the only thing that sounded semi-decent.  This isn’t a big deal, but it brings up a good reminder.

It’s not a secret that marriage often gets painted in a romanticized way by our culture, movies, social media, etc.  We watch as couples shower each other with huge sparkly un-expected gifts, or cars in the driveway with giant red bows on them.  Before we’re married, we dream about all the ways we too will be the best wife/husband ever and do all the amazing things for our spouse.  But really… I’ve never gotten a car with a bow on it.  (I take that back…. my parents once gave me a Geo Metro with a bow on it.  With no radio.  And it was turquoise.  This was in the 90s, things were weird.  …but I digress.)  What I do get from my spouse is soup.  Warm wonton soup that required all of 5 bucks & a trip out into freezing cold winds.

Those little things in marriage that we do to serve one another add up to be the big things.  Taking out the trash when that’s not typically your “chore” around the house.  Swinging by the dry cleaning to drop something off for your spouse even though it’s out of your way.  Driving your husband/wife’s car & noticing they’re at half a tank of gas & filling it up for them so they don’t have to worry about stopping tomorrow morning.  Grabbing a random bouquet of flowers to bring home (guys:  we don’t even mind when they’re the clearanced out ones.  True story.)  Making a cup of coffee for your love before they roll out of bed in the morning.  Going to see the newest Rocky movie on your birthday because your husband likes it.  (So maybe I actually kind of love Sly after all of these years of being married to his biggest fan.  But still – going to see one of his action movies on MY birthday?  I get points for that one.)

Your challenge for this week (and I’m talking to myself here, too) is to pay attention for small ways to show your spouse (or fiancé!) love.  We’re often too busy shuffling through our day to notice what they are, but I believe if we slow down, we’d find many opportunities to make a big difference with the little things.

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