Love for 2017 & Goals for 2018

December 27, 2017

Am I the only one who feels like 2017 just flew by?!  Today I’m sharing a few stand-out 2017 items, as well as a few goals for the new year!

2017 Favorites:

1.  Photographing Kelly & Gavin’s wedding in Tuscany.  
Not only was it a dream fulfilled to photograph a wedding in one of my favorite places on earth, but the entire experience was amazing.  Kelly & Gavin are absolute gems & treated us like family the entire wedding weekend.  The love they share combined with the insane beauty of the location made my heart soar.  Putting away our gear & dancing under the stars with them at the end of the night, limoncello in hand, wasn’t too shabby either.  It was something I’ll never forget.  (See their wedding blog HERE)

2.  Picnic in Chianti
While in Italy in August, I sat at a picnic table laughing with a few girlfriends, eating cheese, drinking wine, and looking out into the hills of Chianti.  It was something I’d dreamt about doing & it all happened absolutely perfectly.  (It was a BILLION degrees during that trip, but the most amazing cool front came through as rain fell – during a drought – but we were perfectly sheltered under a giant tree).

3.  Team ADP
2017 brought the big announcement that Amanda Donaho Photography was expanding to include Amber as a lead photographer.  She has been serving her brides & grooms so tirelessly and creating beautiful heirlooms for them – I can’t wait to see all of the amazing weddings she’ll photograph in 2018, too!  This team of ladies have been wonderful to have by my side – from second shooting to graphic design – I’m so lucky to have them sharing their talents with me.

4.  #donahopartyof6
My crew.  As I write this, they’re on Christmas break – and I’m SO ready to send them all back off to school (#realmomlife), but truly – I’m super thankful for this gang.  I don’t know how I managed to get 4 of the world’s most amazing kids to call me mom, but I’m so grateful they do.  Hayden & I celebrated 15 years of marriage this year, and I wouldn’t be able to do any of the things I do without him.

5.  Photographing a wedding in the same location that I got married
As I just mentioned, 15 years ago in September, Hayden & I stood in the old St. Elizabeth’s church (now Vineyard Central) in Norwood and said our “I do’s”.  I haven’t been back in the building since our wedding day – so I was overjoyed to get to photograph Carmen & Ben’s wedding there in September of this year.  It was a sweet (& emotional) experience for me to stand back in the same place almost exactly 15 years later & watch another couple begin their “forever”.  (…and yes I took a “recreate” photo – with my camera instead of a bouquet… I might be a nerd.  😉 )

6.  Watching Harper’s first dance recital
Though I’m almost 5 years into having a daughter, I’m still getting the hang of having a girl in the house besides myself & what all that entails.  2017 held a super fun “girly-first” for me, when Harper was in her first dance recital.  Getting her dolled up for the event, and then watching her absolutely steal the show during the dress rehearsal (no, really – I should upload the video to YouTube – she truly dances to her own beat) made my heart so happy.

2018 Goals:

1.  Read More
Pretty sure this is on my list every year – and every year I’m disappointed with my progress.  This year I’m going into it with a better plan.  Keep reading…

2.  Spend Less
Another one that I mention (almost) every year – and truly just comes down to self discipline.  I have gotten much better with this in the last few months, but I’m holding myself to the standard of keeping it up in the new year!

3.  Go to the Y
Le Sigh.  Enough said.

4.  One night a week technology-free
And this is how I plan to accomplish more of number 1, and likely also increase the chance of number 3 happening more.  I am going to choose to turn completely off from all technology one night a week.

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